Rolling Stock Fund Update

Class 108 Restoration Work – Urgent Funds are Required

Now that we have completed the purchase of our Class 108 DMU we have moved on to raising funds for its restoration to working order. The sooner the restoration work is completed the sooner we can bring the DMU to the line.

The Midland Railway Centre at Butterley have supplied us with an estimate that there is around 100 hours of welding work required on the Class 108 which would cost around £3,600.

The scope of work would be:

  • to remove windscreens/make and fit new metalwork above screens/re-secure gutters,
  • remove body cladding at bottom of cab/ repair frame/make good cladding/refit wiper motor/ make watertight,
  • at rear to cut out damaged metal and replace and also to re-rivet the end closing panel back onto the sides.

We urgently need to raise the £3600 in order to book a place in their workshops. The Rolling Stock Fund currently stands at around £1535 so we still need to raise another £2065.

We do have Gift Aid pledges for £1060 which will be claimed by the Trust in due course.

How to make a donation to the Rolling Stock /Loco Fund

Please use one of the following methods to make a donation:

  • By completing the Rolling Stock Fund (Donation Form) available through this website and enclose a cheque or cash.
  • By PayPal or Credit Card using the Donate link below the right-hand menu,
  • Or donations can be made electronically direct to the Society’s bank account.
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    Account Number: 89012757
    Sort Code: 09-01-28

Nigel Kirkpatrick
On behalf of the Rolling Stock Fund

John Fowler Loco Breathes Again

The Society’s 1955 John Fowler 0-4-0 shunter number 4210108 reached a significant milestone on Saturday the 18th of June when it was brought back from the dead after a lengthy restoration.

With handbrake on, gearbox in neutral and all fingers crossed we initiated CPR and pressed the starter button.

The six cylinder 150BHP diesel engine sprang into life with a mighty roar and ticked over beautifully. You can watch the event by clicking on the following link.

Her working life was spent at the Leyland Motor works in Preston which ended abruptly with the plants closure and she spent the next ten years rusting away in full view of the West coast mainline.

Rescue finally came when Lancashire County Developments donated it to the Society with the aim of restoring it to full working order.

Since delivery to our workshops on Saturday the 1st of May 2010 the sixty one year old locomotive has undergone an extensive rebuild from the ground up. Almost every one of the working volunteers in the Society have been involved at some time and their hard work and dedication has got us to this important milestone.

The task still continues with work required on the pneumatic, electrical and transmission systems and a top coat of the original blue and yellow Leyland Motors livery is scheduled to mark the final completion.

Engine-1ClutchAxle Cab Rebuild RedBonnet