Alternative Plan B

Following a series of meetings with Network Rail (NR), the future layout of the railway at Poulton has been agreed. The pictured Alternative Plan B, a short term fix for car parking and new Fleetwood branch terminus, is the preferred option.

While some will be disappointed that the junction is to be removed, NR have offered to help us set up two steering groups. One will look to develop a new step free interchange between the Fleetwood branch and Poulton station, while another will look to develop a decent car park.

Our alternative option will be just one of a number of plans that will be looked at by the new group. We are also hopeful of electrification project gifts and will keep you updated.

The electrification masts will be placed to ensure a full reconnection would be relatively straight forward and the signalling system will allow for plug in additions when required.

Network Rail are hopeful that the funding for the extra 22 car park spaces will be found in the project budget. They have also offered to help us identify funding to design the new step free PWRS interchange.

The NR electrification project team have offered to come and volunteer on a number of days through next year and 2018 and we look forward to meeting them all.

All in all there are exciting times ahead and we look forward to building an excellent relationship with the electrification project team.

Eddie Fisher