DMU Update / Appeal, May '19

Since January the power car (M51937) has been inside the workshops at Midland Railway Centre (MRC), Swanwick Junction, where work is underway to rebuild the missing corridor connection and most importantly, to carry out an overhaul of the engine, transmissions and brakes. This is known as an M Exam.

The following work is currently underway:

  • The reconstruction of the missing corridor connection on the power car. This involves using a kit of parts, some provided by MRC, some were also still inside the unit, but the work has required the manufacture of some missing parts. Once complete it will be refitted to the driving car.
  • The M Exam overhaul includes the replacement of the oil and filters in the engines, checking that the cab controllers work, and the engines correctly respond, checking the drive transmission and that the vacuum brakes and brake controllers work correctly. Some issues have been identified which is likely to mean we will have to spend some of our limited funds on replacements parts.

To date we have spent around £10,000 on the overhaul of our Class 108.

Progress Thus Far

The following work has been carried out over the last couple of years:

  • Corroded bodywork cut away and new steel welded in place on the trailer car.
  • Replacement of missing / damaged rivets on the roof of the trailer car.
  • Replacement of missing / damaged rivets on the roof of the power car.
  • One replacement buffer installed.
  • Repair of a leaf spring on one of the bogies of the power car.
  • The purchase of two new batteries for the power car.
  • Shot blasting and painting of the seat frames for the power car.
  • Many of the seat cushions and backs have also been cleaned.

Once the M Exam work is complete, then we will be in the position to move the Class 108 to the Thornton area, where our own members will be able to undertake more of the restoration work themselves.

However, we need to raise further funds to continue the restoration.

Can you help?

Unfortunately, some of the original estimated repair costs have increased due to the increased cost of materials and labour. In addition, some additional items of work have been identified, so we need to raise further funds to pay for these.

If you would like to help us restore our Class 108, you can donate using one of the methods listed at the foot of this page.

Nigel Kirkpatrick
On behalf of the Rolling stock fund