Announcing our Sleeper appeal!

Reopening a railway line is a difficult project, the main ingredient being rail and sleepers.
Much of the line is usable however, we do need to replace a number of wooden sleepers and with this in mind the Society is launching its “Sponsor a sleeper to Fleetwood appeal”
We have a permanent way team in place and are now asking everyone to help by Sponsoring a sleeper.

sleeper appeal map

Four area’s require work and are shown on the accompanying map.
Thornton Station – 60
Hillylaid – 125
Burn Naze Loop – 25
Cala Gran – Jameson Rd – 150

The line beyond Jameson Rd Bridge requires completely rebuilding and will be the subject of a future appeal. This appeal will however ensure that the line reaches Fleetwood at the earliest opportunity and that we have a presence in the town (albeit the outskirts) from day one.

We are in the process of obtaining a lease on the railway and the funds raised by this appeal will be used to purchase new sleepers as and when required

Click the link below to download our form and sponsor a sleeper today!