Railway Library Donation

The Society has had another railway library donated.

This was from Brian Fare of Wesham and consists of over 300 titles to be used to raise funds for the refurbishment of the DMU.

Brian, whose son is a Society member, worked as a locomotive fireman based in Preston in the last days of steam and was subsequently trained to drive diesels.

He particularly enjoyed the Fleetwood run when he could purchase a stone of fresh fish for a half a crown.

I thanked Brian on the Society’s behalf.

Jeff (Chairman)

Day Trip to Butterley

On 22nd September, ten members set off early at 6:00 am for Butterley. Their mission was to give the powered car, or the Driving Motor Brake Second (DMBS) M51937, to be precise, a good cleaning inside and out. In addition, we wanted to use the visit to assess what additional work was needed to put it in running order.

Arrival in Butterley was about three hours later, and most of us headed off for a bacon roll and a brew, before getting stuck in to the task in hand.

Once fed, the cars were unloaded of the multitude of cleaning materials and a tools, and we headed onto the station, but there was no sign of our DMU. However, we needn’t have worried as the people at Butterley had got everything in hand and we could see that it was stabled up the line, coupled to their 08 shunter. Within minutes 08590 towed our DMU into platform 2, and positioned close to the water supply and hose pipes. Work started as soon as the Butterley people confirmed nothing else was moving that day and we had permission to work safely on the track.


A quick appraisal noted that M51937 was covered in a layer of green grime, which some of the team attacked with scrapers, brushes and hose pipes. Fortunately, it came off fairly easily, to reveal that the bodywork was in excellent condition.

The previous owner had completed the necessary welding repairs and one side had been repainted in 1970’s Refurbished Livery along with full yellow ends. The other side of the coach is partly in primer with several areas rubbed down ready for painting.


Our President, Eddie Fisher, spent much of the day cleaning up the (his) cab and the above picture shows the results of his work. Plus, you can now see out of the windows, thanks to the cleaning team outside. Most of the cab controls are still present but some will be replaced by refurbished equipment as part of the restoration.


The previous owner had made a start on restoring the seat frames in the front passenger compartment and they had been rubbed down and repainted.  However, the larger passenger area behind, needs much more work having been used to store surplus cushions and chair backs.

The front compartment had been used as a workshop and there were bits and pieces of the carriage lighting lying around so it was cleared out, and the floor swept and given a good wash down.

Many of the seat cushions and backs are no longer in good condition, having been damaged or the colour is badly faded. We spent a great deal of time swapping them for ones in better condition from the extra stocks stored in the trailer carriage.

The picture above shows the carriage after we put the seat frames back in place and sorted out the better conditioned cushions and seat backs.

Guards Compartment (Sorry no picture)

We were only able to quickly examine the guard’s compartment. This has also been used as a storage area of various spare parts and restoration materials. We did spot that some of the woodwork in the roof needs replacing, following damage by water, so measurements were taken so that we can plan how it will be replaced.


At the end of a long but productive day, we had a team photo in the front passenger compartment.

Lastly we would like to thank the Midland Railway Centre and Llangollen Railcar staff for their assistance on the day.

Help us restore our Class 108 DMU

We still need to raise the funds to pay for the restoration of the diesel multiple unit. Please see the article about how your donation can be specifically used to sponsor a particular part of the restoration.

Nigel Kirkpatrick

Class 108 DMU: Sponsor Part of the Restoration

At the Annual General Meeting, we indicated that agreeing a long term lease with Network Rail may still take some time to complete, and this has made us rethink our plans about the restoration of our two car Class 108 Diesel multiple unit.

Our original plan had been to start with welding work on the trailer car, but we have now decided to firstly restore the Power car (Driving Motor Brake Second) to an operational condition.

There are several other factors which have influenced this decision:

  • We cannot bring our diesel multiple unit to our line until we have a lease in place,
  • A restored but unused diesel multiple unit, would incur storage charges elsewhere.
  • However, a fully restored power car, could be hired out to another heritage line* whilst we wait to gain access to the line. This would generate an additional income which could then be used to help fund the restoration of the trailer car.

We have already received one enquiry from another heritage line, about hiring our power car for the 2017 season, and discussions about a potential hire agreement are now underway. In addition, we are in discussions with the people at the Midland Railway Centre about putting the power car through their workshops, to complete the work in time.

Sponsor Part of the Restoration

We currently have enough funds available to make a start on this work, but still need to raise further funds.

Below is a list of the costings for the restoration of the Class 108 Power Car (supplied by Midland Railway Centre).

  • We are inviting donors to use their donation to sponsor specific items on the list.
  • Alternatively, donations can instead still be made into the Rolling Stock Fund and we will decide which item the money is used to pay for.
Power Car – Class 108 DMBS (M51937) Cost (including VAT) Suggested sponsor amounts Amount raised so far Notes
Oil Filters, etc. for service
(For two engines)
£120 4 X £25 amounts and 1 X £20
Oil for engines £150 6 X £25 amounts
Replacement batteries £675 27 X £25 amounts
Replacement cab gear and throttle controllers (£300 per item – two in each cab £600 24 X £25 amounts £100
Second hand corridor connection for rear of power car £425 17 X £25 amounts
New step-boards (8 on this vehicle – £18 each) £144 8 X £18 amounts £117 £27 left to raise for step -boards
Repaint the vehicle £1800 72 X £25 amounts
Total for vehicle £3914   £217  

We are keen to allow individuals to sponsor items which fit in their personal budget.

The “suggested sponsor amounts” are just suggestions, and some people may be able donate an amount which covers multiples of the “suggested sponsor amounts”.

Alternatively, and we realise that some people may only wish to donate a lower amount. We welcome all donations, whatever the amount, to help us achieve these targets.

Other Restoration Costs

The Society has agreed to take on the external cleaning of the diesel multiple unit along with much of the interior work. Some expenditure will be required for cleaning materials, paint, wood, electrics etc. and we will use some of the funds already raised to meet these costs.

We will provide similar sponsor details for the Trailer car in the near future.

How to make a donation to the Rolling Stock / Loco Fund

Please use one of the following methods to make a donation:

  • By completing the Rolling Stock Fund (Donation Form) available through this website and enclose a cheque or cash.
  • By PayPal or Credit Card using the Donate link below the right-hand menu,
  • Or donations can be made electronically direct to the Society’s bank account.
    Account Name: Poulton & Wyre Railway Society
    Account Number: 89012757
    Sort Code: 09-01-28

Nigel Kirkpatrick
On behalf of the Rolling Stock Fund

Rolling Stock Appeal Update

Image8A quick update on our rolling stock fund.

It now stands at £19,250, meaning that we’re well over half way there.

Many thanks and congratulations to all those who have contributed and been involved in raising funds.

If you would like to donate further, full details can be found below.

How to make a donation to the Rolling Stock / Loco Fund

Please use one of the following methods to make a donation:

  • By completing the Rolling Stock Fund (Donation Form) available through this website and enclose a cheque or cash.
  • By PayPal or Credit Card using the Donate link below the right-hand menu,
  • Or donations can be made electronically direct to the Society’s bank account.
    Account Name: Poulton & Wyre Railway Society
    Account Number: 89012757
    Sort Code: 09-01-28

Nigel Kirkpatrick
On behalf of the Rolling Stock Fund

PWRS in Bloom!

Each year the PWRS submits an entry in the Northwest in Bloom competition, organised by the Royal Horticultural Society.

The Society’s entry as part of Thornton in Bloom is just one element of the PWRS philosophy of engaging with the local community.

We have had a marvellous response from the public who have viewed this year’s display as they have passed by the station site, along with numerous supportive comments on social media, some of which I would like to share with you.

  • “The station looks wonderful, a beautiful centrepiece to the village; Thank you all.”
  • “Absolutely beautiful. I love wild flowers.”
  • “That looks so beautiful and colourful”
  • “Always looks lovely- there are people there doing jobs in all weathers-all in their free time-much appreciated.”
  • “Beautiful”
  • “The lads always put on a good show. Well done!”
  • “Looks great!!”

To receive such supportive comments is testimony to the Society’s positive presence within the community, not only within Thornton village, but all those locations that the society has a presence within the Borough of Wyre.

Finally, it would be remiss of me not to mention that without the generous financial support from J T Bryn Funeral Directors, our annual entry in the event would not be possible.

Rick Rossall
Member 215

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Generous Donation

As a result of a conversation between myself and a lady called Ann Hiley at our stall on Tram Sunday she has donated her late husband David’s entire library of railway books and DVDs to the Society.

This is a huge collection, so much so that I had to do two trips to pick them up from her home in Thornton.

On behalf of the Society I would like to say “Thank-you Ann – we will sell them at our next event and we will raise money to go towards the DMU Class 108 fund”.

Jeff Banks
Chairman PWRS

Tram Sunday Success

What a great time we had at this year’s Tram Sunday manning the Society’s stall, which was set up very early by Bill Eccles and team.

Thanks to all the donations of books and magazines together with Sid Best’s paraphernalia, inscribed key rings, fridge magnets and pens, we had a lot to sell and we did.

Susan Cox gave us a total that night despite most of the takings being in change, two bucket’s worth, of over £500. Thanks Susan. One lady even gave us the contents of her copper jar which was just short of £9.00.

We also signed up three new members and received a lot of enquires about our project from the public.

We are picking up a large collection of DVD’s and railway books, promised on the day, later in the week which we will be able to sell at our next event.

A very enjoyable and profitable day.

Thanks to all who helped man the stall.


_DSC6739 _DSC6727_DSC6725

Rolling Stock Fund Update

Class 108 Restoration Work – Urgent Funds are Required

Now that we have completed the purchase of our Class 108 DMU we have moved on to raising funds for its restoration to working order. The sooner the restoration work is completed the sooner we can bring the DMU to the line.

The Midland Railway Centre at Butterley have supplied us with an estimate that there is around 100 hours of welding work required on the Class 108 which would cost around £3,600.

The scope of work would be:

  • to remove windscreens/make and fit new metalwork above screens/re-secure gutters,
  • remove body cladding at bottom of cab/ repair frame/make good cladding/refit wiper motor/ make watertight,
  • at rear to cut out damaged metal and replace and also to re-rivet the end closing panel back onto the sides.

We urgently need to raise the £3600 in order to book a place in their workshops. The Rolling Stock Fund currently stands at around £1535 so we still need to raise another £2065.

We do have Gift Aid pledges for £1060 which will be claimed by the Trust in due course.

How to make a donation to the Rolling Stock /Loco Fund

Please use one of the following methods to make a donation:

  • By completing the Rolling Stock Fund (Donation Form) available through this website and enclose a cheque or cash.
  • By PayPal or Credit Card using the Donate link below the right-hand menu,
  • Or donations can be made electronically direct to the Society’s bank account.
    Account Name: Poulton & Wyre Railway Society
    Account Number: 89012757
    Sort Code: 09-01-28

Nigel Kirkpatrick
On behalf of the Rolling Stock Fund

John Fowler Loco Breathes Again

The Society’s 1955 John Fowler 0-4-0 shunter number 4210108 reached a significant milestone on Saturday the 18th of June when it was brought back from the dead after a lengthy restoration.

With handbrake on, gearbox in neutral and all fingers crossed we initiated CPR and pressed the starter button.

The six cylinder 150BHP diesel engine sprang into life with a mighty roar and ticked over beautifully. You can watch the event by clicking on the following link.

Her working life was spent at the Leyland Motor works in Preston which ended abruptly with the plants closure and she spent the next ten years rusting away in full view of the West coast mainline.

Rescue finally came when Lancashire County Developments donated it to the Society with the aim of restoring it to full working order.

Since delivery to our workshops on Saturday the 1st of May 2010 the sixty one year old locomotive has undergone an extensive rebuild from the ground up. Almost every one of the working volunteers in the Society have been involved at some time and their hard work and dedication has got us to this important milestone.

The task still continues with work required on the pneumatic, electrical and transmission systems and a top coat of the original blue and yellow Leyland Motors livery is scheduled to mark the final completion.

Engine-1ClutchAxle Cab Rebuild RedBonnet

Poulton Station Alternative Proposal

Below is a short report outlining an alternative proposal by the Poulton & Wyre Railway Trust, to the layout of Poulton-le-Fylde station on the soon to be electrified line to Blackpool North. Also included are artists impressions and schematics, showing clearly how Poulton-le-Fylde station and junction could look if proposals by the Poulton & Wyre Railway Trust are taken forward.

Poulton-le-Fylde Station – Future Layout

Poulton-le-Fylde station on the Preston to Blackpool North railway line serves a population of approximately 75,000 and is the only station in the historic Borough of Wyre. The station as well as serving Poulton, also serves Thornton-Cleveleys (two miles) Burn Naze (three miles) Fleetwood (5 miles) and the over Wyre villages of Hambleton, Presall and Knott End (five, nine and ten miles respectively) At one time all of these towns and villages (with the exception of Hambleton) had railway stations however, since 1950 they have been progressively closed, the last being Fleetwood in 1970.

The line to Fleetwood is still more or less intact, was last used for freight in 1999 and is the subject of a serious heritage railway proposal by the Poulton & Wyre Railway Society (PWRS) The PWRS have also worked up a realistic proposal to use the line as a community railway during peak hours, to help relieve congestion on the parallel A585. While the heritage / community railway is an excellent locally supported scheme, it can only reach its full potential if the station layout at Poulton is developed in a way that would allow for a convenient interchange.

Fylde Coast Transport Masterplan 2015

This transport masterplan produced jointly by the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and Blackpool Unitary Authority, clearly states that the PWRS would be supported in its efforts to access Poulton Station if possible. It also states that the station requires a decent car park to enable it to reach its full potential, this in turn would help to reduce severe traffic congestion between Singleton and the M55 during peak commuting hours.


The line from Preston to Blackpool North is to be electrified from 2019, with work due to start in 2016/17. This excellent scheme will deliver, higher line speeds, new platforms and crucially four more train paths an hour in each direction. Most of these new services (if taken up) will call at Poulton, offering the people of Wyre half hourly services to Manchester, hourly services to Liverpool, Leeds and York, two hourly services to London and potentially seven trains an hour to Blackpool. This level of service has not been seen since the golden years of the mid-20th century and should be welcomed by all.

Car Park

The station car park comprises of 17 spaces including one for disabled drivers and is located next to the station on a former part of the railway track bed. It is poorly surfaced, unlit and extremely tight, so much so that a turning circle has had to be created at the far end to allow drivers to exit the car park without having to reverse onto the main road. As far as we know there are no plans to increase the size of the car park and looking closely at the NR plans it may have to be closed, as the Preston bound (up line) will have to be slewed outwards towards it.

Currently most commuters park on the narrow streets around the station which is in a conservation area. The historic ward of Breck was not designed to take the amount of traffic currently trying to access it and a solution must be found before the new rail services add to the severe congestion.

Responsible Businesses

Network Rail (NR) and the Train Operating Companies (TOCs) regard themselves as responsible businesses. Their literature states clearly that the communities and passengers they serve come first however, this is not the case at Poulton and a cheap, quick fix and ill thought out scheme that clearly dismisses their neighbours and customers has been proposed.

Alternative Proposal

The Poulton & Wyre Railway Trust (PWRT) working on behalf of the PWRS have come up with an alternative proposal. It is slightly more expensive than the current NR plan however, it answers all the questions posed above and delivers a station car park and community rail interchange fit for the 21st century. Included are artist’s impressions of how the station could look, schematics of both NRs simplistic proposal and the PWRTs alternative plan and some historic pictures showing clearly the space available.

NR Plain Line

Poulton remodel with connection and extended platform (Car park)

Both schemes include the removal of the low speed 20mph junction however, whereas the NR scheme allows for a line speed increase from 20mph to 50mph the PWRT scheme allows for a 70mph line which will inevitably reduce the risk of delays to what is going to be a busy railway. The alternative proposal clearly shows a new platform 3, with lift and steps however, the extra cost of modifying the current Preston bound platform should be taken into account and is thought to be far more expensive than building a new modular platform to replace it. Remember we are in a conservation area, any modifications to the current platform will have to be carried out sensitively using original materials. New modular platforms are easily installed and can quite cheaply be made to fit sensitively in historic settings.

Impression of Platform 3

The new Blackpool bound (down line) is already there in the undergrowth and was one of the former station sidings. It would of course be re-laid to modern standards however, a new formation would not be required.

Poulton Fast Lines Being Lifted

Future Connection

The alternative proposal allows for a simple reconnection of the Fleetwood line to the national network, should a viable business case be developed.


The alternative plan does not add to the cost of the signalling scheme, as it remains exactly the same bar the positioning of the signals themselves.


A new 300 space (chargeable) car park could be built with a new exit provided on Sheringham Way, this would alleviate the congestion at peak hours around the Breck area and allow for a residents parking scheme to be introduced.

Impression of Enlarged Car Park

During the rebuilding, this alternative proposal would allow the railway to remain open Monday – Friday and would only require closure at weekends (maximum two or three) Having not had sight of NRs planned works timetable, this report surmises that the current proposal would see the line shut for a number of weeks if not months. Any compensation (bus replacement costs etc) paid to the TOCs could in effect be put towards this alternative proposal. To put it simply, the new railway can easily be built while the current one remains in use.

Increased ticket sales for the TOCs and a share of the car park revenue.

Line speed through the station would be increased significantly reducing delays to a very busy railway.

An excellent future interchange for the heritage/community railway which has the potential to reduce congestion on the A585.


We believe that this alternative proposal is a realistic, efficient and cost effective way to deliver a railway station fit for purpose. The rail industry has far too often failed to look at the wider consequences of its actions and as a result we are spending millions of pounds to correct past ill thought out no growth schemes. Don’t let Poulton-le-Fylde become one of those failures, let’s work together to deliver something we can all be proud of.

Eddie Fisher on behalf of the PWRT/S


Our grateful thanks to Simon Miller and Simon Relf for their help in the schemes development.

A huge thank you must also go to local artist Norma Wheatley, who created the wonderful impressions of the station. The beautiful painting of our DMU next to the Pendolino says it all.

All copyright acknowledged for old photographs.