Welcome to PWRS

Poulton & Wyre Railway Society was formed in 2006 to act as a catalyst to reopen the railway between Poulton-le-Fylde and Fleetwood. As some may know, thanks to the hard work of PWRS and continued political pressure on our local politicians and Members of Parliament, the Department for Transport has recently announced that the scheme should go forward and has given further funding to Network Rail to produce a detailed plan of work.

Therefore, now that we have successfully achieved our aim, we have had to reset our future aspirations and have initiated a new objective for the Poulton & Wyre Railway Society. Our plan now is to develop, over time, a Heritage Railway Centre with a museum, offices, workshops and some form of test track located on or adjacent to the railway line, in order to display our collection of restored historical rolling stock, equipment and artefacts.

We have a large membership committed to the cause and welcome new members. Take a look at some of our news articles to see what we're up to.

You can read more about us, including the history of the line on this website.

If you'd like to donate to the cause, become a member or volunteer your time, you'll find details at the bottom of this page.