Poulton Station Alternative Proposal

Below is a short report outlining an alternative proposal by the Poulton & Wyre Railway Trust, to the layout of Poulton-le-Fylde station on the soon to be electrified line to Blackpool North. Also included are artists impressions and schematics, showing clearly how Poulton-le-Fylde station and junction could look if proposals by the Poulton & Wyre Railway Trust are taken forward.

Poulton-le-Fylde Station – Future Layout

Poulton-le-Fylde station on the Preston to Blackpool North railway line serves a population of approximately 75,000 and is the only station in the historic Borough of Wyre. The station as well as serving Poulton, also serves Thornton-Cleveleys (two miles) Burn Naze (three miles) Fleetwood (5 miles) and the over Wyre villages of Hambleton, Presall and Knott End (five, nine and ten miles respectively) At one time all of these towns and villages (with the exception of Hambleton) had railway stations however, since 1950 they have been progressively closed, the last being Fleetwood in 1970.

The line to Fleetwood is still more or less intact, was last used for freight in 1999 and is the subject of a serious heritage railway proposal by the Poulton & Wyre Railway Society (PWRS) The PWRS have also worked up a realistic proposal to use the line as a community railway during peak hours, to help relieve congestion on the parallel A585. While the heritage / community railway is an excellent locally supported scheme, it can only reach its full potential if the station layout at Poulton is developed in a way that would allow for a convenient interchange.

Fylde Coast Transport Masterplan 2015

This transport masterplan produced jointly by the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and Blackpool Unitary Authority, clearly states that the PWRS would be supported in its efforts to access Poulton Station if possible. It also states that the station requires a decent car park to enable it to reach its full potential, this in turn would help to reduce severe traffic congestion between Singleton and the M55 during peak commuting hours.


The line from Preston to Blackpool North is to be electrified from 2019, with work due to start in 2016/17. This excellent scheme will deliver, higher line speeds, new platforms and crucially four more train paths an hour in each direction. Most of these new services (if taken up) will call at Poulton, offering the people of Wyre half hourly services to Manchester, hourly services to Liverpool, Leeds and York, two hourly services to London and potentially seven trains an hour to Blackpool. This level of service has not been seen since the golden years of the mid-20th century and should be welcomed by all.

Car Park

The station car park comprises of 17 spaces including one for disabled drivers and is located next to the station on a former part of the railway track bed. It is poorly surfaced, unlit and extremely tight, so much so that a turning circle has had to be created at the far end to allow drivers to exit the car park without having to reverse onto the main road. As far as we know there are no plans to increase the size of the car park and looking closely at the NR plans it may have to be closed, as the Preston bound (up line) will have to be slewed outwards towards it.

Currently most commuters park on the narrow streets around the station which is in a conservation area. The historic ward of Breck was not designed to take the amount of traffic currently trying to access it and a solution must be found before the new rail services add to the severe congestion.

Responsible Businesses

Network Rail (NR) and the Train Operating Companies (TOCs) regard themselves as responsible businesses. Their literature states clearly that the communities and passengers they serve come first however, this is not the case at Poulton and a cheap, quick fix and ill thought out scheme that clearly dismisses their neighbours and customers has been proposed.

Alternative Proposal

The Poulton & Wyre Railway Trust (PWRT) working on behalf of the PWRS have come up with an alternative proposal. It is slightly more expensive than the current NR plan however, it answers all the questions posed above and delivers a station car park and community rail interchange fit for the 21st century. Included are artist’s impressions of how the station could look, schematics of both NRs simplistic proposal and the PWRTs alternative plan and some historic pictures showing clearly the space available.

NR Plain Line

Poulton remodel with connection and extended platform (Car park)

Both schemes include the removal of the low speed 20mph junction however, whereas the NR scheme allows for a line speed increase from 20mph to 50mph the PWRT scheme allows for a 70mph line which will inevitably reduce the risk of delays to what is going to be a busy railway. The alternative proposal clearly shows a new platform 3, with lift and steps however, the extra cost of modifying the current Preston bound platform should be taken into account and is thought to be far more expensive than building a new modular platform to replace it. Remember we are in a conservation area, any modifications to the current platform will have to be carried out sensitively using original materials. New modular platforms are easily installed and can quite cheaply be made to fit sensitively in historic settings.

Impression of Platform 3

The new Blackpool bound (down line) is already there in the undergrowth and was one of the former station sidings. It would of course be re-laid to modern standards however, a new formation would not be required.

Poulton Fast Lines Being Lifted

Future Connection

The alternative proposal allows for a simple reconnection of the Fleetwood line to the national network, should a viable business case be developed.


The alternative plan does not add to the cost of the signalling scheme, as it remains exactly the same bar the positioning of the signals themselves.


A new 300 space (chargeable) car park could be built with a new exit provided on Sheringham Way, this would alleviate the congestion at peak hours around the Breck area and allow for a residents parking scheme to be introduced.

Impression of Enlarged Car Park

During the rebuilding, this alternative proposal would allow the railway to remain open Monday – Friday and would only require closure at weekends (maximum two or three) Having not had sight of NRs planned works timetable, this report surmises that the current proposal would see the line shut for a number of weeks if not months. Any compensation (bus replacement costs etc) paid to the TOCs could in effect be put towards this alternative proposal. To put it simply, the new railway can easily be built while the current one remains in use.

Increased ticket sales for the TOCs and a share of the car park revenue.

Line speed through the station would be increased significantly reducing delays to a very busy railway.

An excellent future interchange for the heritage/community railway which has the potential to reduce congestion on the A585.


We believe that this alternative proposal is a realistic, efficient and cost effective way to deliver a railway station fit for purpose. The rail industry has far too often failed to look at the wider consequences of its actions and as a result we are spending millions of pounds to correct past ill thought out no growth schemes. Don’t let Poulton-le-Fylde become one of those failures, let’s work together to deliver something we can all be proud of.

Eddie Fisher on behalf of the PWRT/S


Our grateful thanks to Simon Miller and Simon Relf for their help in the schemes development.

A huge thank you must also go to local artist Norma Wheatley, who created the wonderful impressions of the station. The beautiful painting of our DMU next to the Pendolino says it all.

All copyright acknowledged for old photographs.

Special General Meeting

For the attention of all members:

A Special General Meeting of the Society and Trust Committees is called on Wednesday the 30th March 2016. The venue is Wyre Council’s Council Chamber, time 7pm to 9pm.

The Society meeting is to agree the revised Constitution, the AGM change of date and membership fees. The Trust’s is to update the membership.

Please make every effort to attend this important meeting.

Thank you

Jeff Banks
Chairman, PWRS

Class 108 DMU Milestone

DMU ThermometerWe have reached a significant milestone in our Rolling Stock Fund Appeal.

With the help of Wyre Council, society members and friends, together with Lancashire County Council (c/o Councillor Jim Lawrenson), we have now passed the £15,000 mark.

This enables us to purchase the Class 108 DMU and means that we are more than half way to completing the appeal.

Considering that we only started the appeal in November 2015 we have done very well.

Transport and Refurbishment

We’re not quite there yet though. Now we need £10,000 for the refurbishment costs and £3,000 to cover the diesel’s transport to Fleetwood.

Thank you to everyone for your continued generosity.

Latest Update

We are now on £16,300 meaning we have a good part of our refurbishment costs, but continue to rely on members and friends to carry on donating to enable us to bring a rail service back to the PWR.

Rolling Stock Fund Appeal

The Poulton and Wyre Railway Society (PWRS) is launching its Rolling Stock Fund and invites anyone interested to make a donation towards the purchase of suitable rolling stock for use on the Poulton to Fleetwood railway.

We have bought a class 108 DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) to operate the first services between Thornton and Burn Naze. There are no run round loops, making a DMU the perfect choice. Once we extend services to Fleetwood and Poulton the vehicle would be ideal for our proposed peak hour community service.

The unit is currently based at the Midland Railway Centre, Butterley and is in very good condition. It does however require a light overhaul including some bodywork repairs and a full repaint.

Wyre Borough Council awarded the Society £5000 through its “Shaping Your Neighbourhood Funding” scheme to be used towards the acquisition of suitable rolling stock for the operation of a heritage railway service. It is a condition of the award that the Society must match the amount of the award, and have purchased the rolling stock by 31st March 2016.

With sufficient funds to match the amount awarded by Wyre Borough Council, the PWRS identified the heritage Class 108 Diesel Multiple Unit (built circa late 1950’s) as being the ideal type of rolling stock for our initial train service.

We need your help to pay for overhaul and transport costs which will be in the region of £18000. Please give as much as you can to ensure the Society can bring this DMU to North Fylde in the very near future.

If you would like to donate towards the overhaul, please complete the form below.

Eddie Fisher, President

Rolling Stock Fund (Donation Form)



Header photo of Class 108 DMU in original livery by Geof Sheppard (Own work). Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

175 Anniversary and Dinner

15th July 1840 marked the opening of the Preston & Wyre Dock Railway. 175 years later a lot has changed but the railway is still here and the Poulton & Wyre Railway Society is working to reopen the line.

DSC02507 DSC02487







On the 15th of July 2015 members of the society, together with trustees and members of the respective councils, took part in a celebratory meal and trolly push to the furtherest reaches of the current Network Rail owned trackbed.

The trolly push ended with a celebration at the most northern part of the line connected to the National Network still, however in the evening the North Euston hotel was the venue for a celebration meal along with guests from the Windmill Players who were dressed as Sir Peter Hesketh.

In commemoration of the event there is a limited edition of plaques.


The Plaque costs £10 if you cannot pick it up we can post it to you at a cost of £3 .
This is a limited addition and there will be no more than 175 produced.
Interested please ring Glenys on 01253 863630  or e-mail to peter.williams@pwrs.org



Farmer Parrs helps the Railway

The Railway has been helped dramatically with the help of Farmer Parrs near Fleetwood.

As part of our plan to reopen the railway to Fleetwood we need to resurface the platforms at Thornton and Burn Naze Station and with the help of Farmer Parrs this has begun.


Starting with Thornton Station we have taken delivery of 20 tons of road chippings. These have been crushed on to the down platform just beyond the shelter donated by Glasdons.


With this donation we have now nearly reached the stage of having the first section of the platform at Thornton ready for when services start running again.

In the near future we intend to carry out similar work at Burn Naze using the same method.

We would like to thank Farmer Parrs for their help.

Announcing our Sleeper appeal!

Reopening a railway line is a difficult project, the main ingredient being rail and sleepers.
Much of the line is usable however, we do need to replace a number of wooden sleepers and with this in mind the Society is launching its “Sponsor a sleeper to Fleetwood appeal”
We have a permanent way team in place and are now asking everyone to help by Sponsoring a sleeper.

sleeper appeal map

Four area’s require work and are shown on the accompanying map.
Thornton Station – 60
Hillylaid – 125
Burn Naze Loop – 25
Cala Gran – Jameson Rd – 150

The line beyond Jameson Rd Bridge requires completely rebuilding and will be the subject of a future appeal. This appeal will however ensure that the line reaches Fleetwood at the earliest opportunity and that we have a presence in the town (albeit the outskirts) from day one.

We are in the process of obtaining a lease on the railway and the funds raised by this appeal will be used to purchase new sleepers as and when required

Click the link below to download our form and sponsor a sleeper today!