175 Anniversary and Dinner

15th July 1840 marked the opening of the Preston & Wyre Dock Railway. 175 years later a lot has changed but the railway is still here and the Poulton & Wyre Railway Society is working to reopen the line.

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On the 15th of July 2015 members of the society, together with trustees and members of the respective councils, took part in a celebratory meal and trolly push to the furtherest reaches of the current Network Rail owned trackbed.

The trolly push ended with a celebration at the most northern part of the line connected to the National Network still, however in the evening the North Euston hotel was the venue for a celebration meal along with guests from the Windmill Players who were dressed as Sir Peter Hesketh.

In commemoration of the event there is a limited edition of plaques.


The Plaque costs £10 if you cannot pick it up we can post it to you at a cost of £3 .
This is a limited addition and there will be no more than 175 produced.
Interested please ring Glenys on 01253 863630  or e-mail to peter.williams@pwrs.org