Class 108 DMU: Restoration Appeal

At the Annual General Meeting, we indicated that agreeing a long term lease with Network Rail may still take some time to complete, and this has made us rethink our plans about the restoration of our two car Class 108 Diesel Multiple Unit.

Our original plan had been to start with welding work on the trailer car, but we have now decided to firstly restore the Power car (Driving Motor Brake Second) to an operational condition.

There are several other factors which have influenced this decision:

  • We cannot bring our diesel multiple unit to our line until we have a lease in place.
  • A restored but unused diesel multiple unit, would incur storage charges elsewhere.
  • However, a fully restored power car, could be hired out to another heritage line* whilst we wait to gain access to the line. This would generate an additional income which could then be used to help fund the restoration of the trailer car.

We have already received one enquiry from another heritage line, about hiring our power car for the 2017 season, and discussios about a potential hire agreement are now underway. In addition, we are in discussions with the people at the Midland Railway Centre about putting the power car through their workshops, to complete the work in time.

Sponsor Part of the Restoration

We currently have enough funds available to make a start on this work, but still need to raise further funds.

We are inviting donors to use their donation to sponsor specific items on the list.

Alternatively, donations can instead still be made into the Rolling Stock Fund and we will decide which item the money is used to pay for.

Below is a list of the costings for the restoration of the Class 108 Power Car (supplied by Midland Railway Centre).

Power Car - Class 108 DMBS (M51937) Cost (including VAT) Suggested sponsor amounts Amount raised so far Notes
Oil Filters, etc. for service (For two engines) £120 4 x £25 amounts and 1 x £20
Oil for engines £150 6 x £25 amounts
Replacement batteries £675 27 x £25 amounts
Replacement cab gear and throttle controllers (£300 per item - two in each cab £600 24 x £25 amounts £100
Second hand corridor connection for rear of power car £425 17 x £25 amounts
New step-boards (8 on this vehicle - £18 each) £144 8 x £18 amounts £117 £27 left to raise for step -boards
Repaint the vehicle £1800 72 x £25 amounts
Total for vehicle £3914 £217

We are keen to allow individuals to sponsor items which fit in their personal budget.

The suggested sponsor amounts are just suggestions, and some people may be able donate an amount which covers multiples of these amounts.

Alternatively, and we realise that some people may only wish to donate a lower amount. We welcome all donations, whatever the amount, to help us achieve these targets.

Other Restoration Costs

The Society has agreed to take on the external cleaning of the diesel multiple unit along with much of the interior work. Some expenditure will be required for cleaning materials, paint, wood, electrics etc. and we will use some of the funds already raised to meet these costs.

We will provide similar sponsor details for the Trailer car in the near future.

How to make a donation to the Rolling Stock / Loco Fund

Please use one of the methods listed at the foot of this page.

Nigel Kirkpatrick
On behalf of the Rolling Stock Fund