Wyre Way Footpath & Crossing

Although not strictly part of our remit, with a grant obtained by Peter Williams, the society has reinstated the pedestrian crossing over the track and refurbished a large section of the footpath which forms part of the Wyre Way.

When the team started the project the footpath had been left to the ravages of nature for many years. Their first task was to clear the undergrowth and remove all the trees and saplings that had grown over those years. With the site cleared the team were able to bring in new sleepers to replace the ones that had been placed between the rails to enable pedestrians to cross the line after the original bridge that had been built to enable walkers to cross the line had been removed.


These sleepers had rotted away over the years and needed replacing. With the new sleepers in place the team turned their attention to the footpath. This was also in a sorry state, once a gravel path this was now an uneven pot holed muddy track and very slippery in bad weather. Using nothing but shovels and wheelbarrows the volunteer members removed the mud and earth that had accumulated over the years. Their last task was remove the old rusted remains of the pillars that had once supported the footbridge that was demolished several years ago.


To refurbish the footpath the team decided to lay a covering of gravel over the footpath rather that see the mud return. To keep the gravel in place the team installed a wooden edging to the footpath and then covered the entire section of the path each side of the track with the  gravel, once tamped down and with a top coat of binding applied the footpath will once more be ready for use by anyone wishing to travel the Wyre Way.