L & Y Carriage

In 2008 the PWRS was informed that there was what appeared to be a wooden railway carriage languishing in a local farm field.

On further investigation it was identified as a former Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway, First Class, 4 compartments, 6-wheel carriage, although it no longer had it's 6 wheels under frame.

The Society took the decision to approached the farmer Mr Hodgkinson, who was very receptive to the idea of the society recovering the carriage in order to save it from further deterioration.

The carriage was built circa 1882 - 1894 and shortly after the First World War found its way onto the farm and was used an accommodation for a local family.

The interior in situ.
Interior pre clean-out before moving.

Latterly the carriage was used on the farm as a chicken coup.

Crane lift from the site.
Carriage in the air.

It doesn't take much imagination to think of the state of the inside and the amount of chicken muck that had to be removed before the carriage could be lifted from its location onto the back of a lorry.

The carriage in transit.
The carriage being put in place at our NPL site.

The Society was very fortunate to have been offered the services of a local crane and plant hire company (Fox Bros.) who extracted the carriage and delivered it our location on the NPL site.